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16th of October 2017.

We’ve talked about coffee maps – now let’s talk about coffee apps. Gone are the days when guesswork or chance played a part in the grand art of making and drinking coffee.

Now, there’s an app for everything. So whether you need precision timers and graphs for roasting beans, innovative recipes for espresso drinks, a safe place to record all your tasting notes or a beans-to-water ratio guide for your pour-over brew, you can be sure some coffee expert has it covered.

In fact, the range of apps available goes far beyond the actual coffee-making process.

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Forget the usual social network sites. If you want to see photos of coffee rather than other people’s children/holidays/selfies then Acaia is the app for you. It allows you to share what and where you’re drinking with people who actually care and know about coffee. It also offers brewing guides.

A few of the quirkier ones include Coffee Run, an app designed to make life easier for the designated coffee buyer in your office. Why scribble your order on paper when you can record it on an app?

Another is Coffitivity, aimed at people who love coffee shops but can’t afford to drink in them. This app recreates the background noise of a coffee shop so you can make your own coffee at home but convince yourself you’re hanging out with the hipsters. Personally, I find that one a bit creepy.

Not forgetting Coffee and Bagel, a dating app where women are the coffee and men are the bagels, app-arently.

Will coffee apps make you happier? That’s debatable. Will they make life easier? Perhaps. Will they help you find the love of your life? Maybe. But let’s focus on the really important question –  will coffee apps help you make better espresso? You know, they just might. So go on, give them a try.

It’s worth a shot.

Pic by Alexander Mils