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23rd of October 2017

Fact of the day: Coffee does not make you fat.

Can you guess how many calories lurk in a regular size cup of brewed black coffee? Two. Yes, two. TWO!


A short, sharp shot of espresso contains around five calories – very, very, very significantly less than the vast majority of other liquids and foods we willingly pour and fork into our mouths every day.

In fact, fresh air probably has more calories than coffee.

For this reason I find it endlessly frustrating when the coffee culture is directly or indirectly blamed for people getting fat. A friend recently announced she was giving up coffee as part of a weight loss plan. I repeated the two calories fact. She didn’t believe me and ordered a huge mug of milky tea.

And a biscuit. And then she added sugar.

Needless to say she was disappointed at the next weigh-in.

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I’m not saying coffee will boost your health, and the debates about the supposed risks and benefits of coffee will go on forever. But if we’re talking specifically about weight, please listen for a moment.

Blame the milk. Blame cows. Blame syrup. Blame sugar. Blame the cakes and pastries piled up on the counter. Blame the people who bake them. Blame flour. Blame eggs. Blame whoever you want.

But please, don’t blame the coffee.

Photos by Iris Humm and PICSELI on Unsplash