Coffee Cocktails.
A future trend?

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Baristas and bartenders knowledge comes together in the Five Watt Coffee.

The coffee world grows and mixes with its neighboring worlds. This is the case with alcohol-free cocktails in this influential coffee shop based in Minneapolis, USA. Founded by Caleb and Lee, this coffee shop offers its customers a wide range of food and drinks among which we find these special and expertly prepared treasures for coffee enthusiasts.

Speaking of which, they claim that among their staff there’s also a coffee enthusiast unicorn called Fred to whom you can ask anything you want about coffee.

720x580xIMG_7562.jpg.pagespeed.ic.j9M2D335AMPicture source: Inbibe Magazine

Lee Carter, owner of the Five Watt Coffee, explains in an interview by Inbibe Magazine how in his coffee shop bitters, syrups and spices mingle in different and creative ways with coffee prepared in different methods. We are amazed by the delicate and mouth-watering combinations you can find at Five Watt Coffee’s website.

“Achieving an articulate flavor profile through simple syrups alone is very limiting, but I quickly found that there was a universe of possibilities for coffee in cocktail bitters”, Lee says.

See the whole interview HERE or go to the Five Watt Coffee’s website.

What would you like better? Spirited or alcohol-free coffee cocktails? We can’t wait to try it at home, Averie from AveryCooks already gave it a try!

boozyicedcoffee-17Source: AverieCooks