Coffee Wish List 2016

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Beware: If you’re a known coffee lover chances are your friends and family will buy you some kind of coffee-related novelty gift this Christmas. Comedy cups, impractical gadgets, books you’ll never read, hampers full of beautifully-packaged but probably mass-produced, uninspiring beans or grinds.

Cue a forced smile to mask your disappointment and say hello to more clutter in your kitchen. At best you can recycle the unwanted gift by passing it to somebody else with less discerning coffee tastes.

qb1vqkinbuy-michal-parzuchowskiPic by Michael Parzuchowski

But you know what? You deserve better – so why not be proactive instead of reactive?
The world is full of fantastic coffee gifts but unless your loved ones are riding on the same third wave as you they’re unlikely to know these options exist. It’s time to start dropping hints and bag yourself a coffee gift that will inspire you to drink and savour even more of the black stuff than you already do.
Here are a few ideas to suit all budgets.
TASTE TEST: Call round a few speciality coffee shops in your area and ask if they offer a tasting session exploring different beans and brew styles. Slyly drop it into conversation and voila! A coffee afternoon awaits. Great for couples and groups of friends.
CUP FOR LIFE: If you tend to drink coffee on the go but haven’t yet invested in a quality cup that ensures good flavour, a clear conscious and a happier planet, now is the time. But choose carefully – plastic, glass, ceramic or silicon? Decide before you add it to your list.

MILKING IT: Milk frothers and foamers can make a big difference to your morning brew and add a professional touch to coffees you make for other people. But before you mention it, do you research. Pick one that matches your needs, your ability to avoid milk explosions every morning and your willingness to clean the bits that will quickly clog up otherwise.
SPOONING: Until you own a coffee scoop, you’ll never believe how much joy they can bring. No more overloading or underloading your machine with grinds and never again will you waste precious morning time searching in the drawer for a clean teaspoon. Plastic or metal, cheap or expensive, they all work the same. Add it to your list and prepare yourself for some serious spooning.
These are a few of many, many amazing coffee experiences and practical gadgets available. So do your research, drop some hints and make sure you wake up and smell quality coffee this Christmas.