From Latte Art to Street Art

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I think we all agree that coffee is a thing of beauty. But what about coffee waste? Not so pretty – and as discussed in a recent article, un-recyclable coffee capsules are the worst of the bunch.

But residents in one of Barcelona´s most popular neighbourhoods have found a spectacular and creative way to deal with the problem –by transforming the garbage into street art.


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During the week-long Festivals of Gracia, each street in the neighbourhood is transformed into an original work of art – always using recycled materials. The artists – volunteers young and old who live in the street that they decorate – work tirelessly to turn their innovative ideas into reality. After gathering kilos and kilos of discarded materials they start the laborious and challenging task of cutting and painting and hanging, giving new life to old and ordinary items.

Visitors wander from street to street, eyes and cameras to the sky as they marvel at giant dandelions made from drinking straws, jellyfish made from balloons and melted plastic bags, igloos made from milk cartons and now – crushed coffee capsules of many colours strung together and made into a garland of flowers. In one of the prize-winning display with a pirate theme, hundreds of coffee pods are transformed into golden coins filling a treasure chest.

21780705252_857b6a42de_hBut Barcelona residents are not the only ones giving coffee capsules a happy transformation.

Look online and you´ll find endless ideas for recycling your coffee capsules in creative ways – using the used capsules for tiny ice lollies or for storage of craft items like buttons. Or for those of you with a creative flare, try transforming crushed capsules into jewellery or building a spectacular lampshade. See and for inspiration.

Go on – get coffee, then get creative.