Hello Babyccino

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The coffee universe used to be a child-free zone – but Emma Christie believes change is on its way.
Coffee haters beware! The artisan coffee culture is here to stay – and I can prove it with one single word. That word is babyccino.
Baby what?


Pic by Christine Knight
Readers in the United Kingdom or Australia may be familiar with the term, but it’s probably something new for those of you who live in countries where the artisan coffee culture is still emerging.
So here’s the lowdown.
First things first – what is a babyccino? It´s a small cup of foamed milk with optional chocolate sprinkles. No coffee, no caffeine.
Second question – who drinks it? The clue is in the name. Babies. Kids. Children. Small people with parents or relatives who like good coffee and want to get their fix in speciality coffee shops and hipster cafes rather than making it at home.
And finally – how does this one word guarantee the future of artisan coffee? Simple. Visiting cafes will be an integral part of these kids’ lives, like going to the park or watching TV. It will be something that’s a totally normal (and perhaps necessary) part of their ordinary every day life.


Pic by Jazmine Quaynor
Drinking instant coffee at home will be entirely inconceivable to this younger generation –  a concept as distant as listening to music on a cassette player or using rolls of camera film or buying a newspaper. These babies will grow up in the coffee shop environment and chances are that´s where they´ll stay.
Yes, their drinks order will change over time. Caffeine will win them over and babyccino will be replaced first by a smooth latte, then maybe a flat white once they get used to the flavour of coffee.  By the time they’re adults they’ll be knocking back short, sharp espressos in cool cafes while their own child peers happily into the foamy wonder of their first babyccino.
And just like that, another lifelong addiction to the coffee culture will begin.