Mushroom Magic

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2nd of March 2018

What’s the connection between mushrooms and coffee? Consumed together they’re unlikely to win a taste test, but one Australian firm has discovered an innovative way to combine the two products.

Life Cykel grows mushrooms from used coffee grounds. That’s it. It’s a simple idea but so far it’s provided incredibly effective on many levels. Used coffee is collected from bars and restaurants and taken to Life Cykel’s urban coffee farms. Once the mushrooms are grown they’re distributed to local bars and restaurants – often the same ones that provided the coffee waste.

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So how did it all start?

The business was launched back in 2015 by founders Ryan Creed and Julian and has grown almost as quickly as the mushrooms on their farm. They currently recycle around 400kg of coffee every week and now have five mushrooms farms across Australia. They say: “Since our inception we’ve been removing waste from landfill, reducing carbon footprints, collaborating with other sustainable businesses and helping organisations teach our youth about saving the environment.”

In addition to this Life Cykel now offers home-growing kits so coffee lovers can try to make food from their own coffee grounds. It’s a win-win situation for all, reducing coffee waste while encouraging the use of locally-grown, healthy food. In addition, support for the project has stimulated employment in the area and encourages people to live in a more sustainable way as they make food from waste. Life Cykel also offers recipes on its webpage and dozens of mushroom products in its online shop – and it encourages coffee drinkers and businesses across the globe to follow their lead.

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Their message is simple – Join the Mushroom Movement and turn more food into waste.

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Pics by LifeCykel and Iris Humm