Out of the Ordinary

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30th of May 2018

Picture an ice-cream shop and what do you see? Chances are you imagine rows of brightly-coloured flavours locked behind smudged glass and stacks of wafer cones and paper napkins on the counter. Maybe some plastic spoons so you can sample the flavours, if you’re lucky.

They all look the same, right?


If you head to Barcelona you’ll find an ice-cream shop with a difference.

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-01 a las 17.11.16

Vioko, located just a few minutes from the city’s main beach, is an ice-cream shop that is out of the ordinary. The artisan gelatos include flavours such as rose and violet, as well as the classics. Step further into the slick white store and you’ll find more surprises – transparent pillars filled with colourful macaroons and shelves stacked with quality chocolate in simple but stylish packaging. Turn around and you might think you’re in a jewellery store instead of an ice-cream shop as your eyes are drawn to an elegant glass cabinet filled with sparkling spheres and beautiful boxes tied with ribbons.

But these jewels are edible.

In fact, they’re luxurious truffles and chocolates, elaborately decorated.

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-01 a las 17.19.45

And just when you think Vioko couldn’t get any better – look behind the counter and you’ll find a quality coffee machine too – provided by Barcelona manufacturer Iberital, the IB7. So whether your sweet tooth leads you to ice-cream or macaroons or truffles, you can be sure the coffee that goes with it will maintain the standard set by the other products in store. This is no ordinary ice-cream store – and it will be no ordinary coffee either. Vioko, we thank you.


Pictures of Vioko IG and The Coffee Universe.