Coffee, Tea and…Coffee Tea

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3rd of November 2017

What are your two favourite foods? For me it’s scallops and porridge oats. But would I ever eat them together or attempt to blend them into one dish? Probably not. Common sense keeps them apart.

So what about my favourite drinks, coffee and tea? Surely nobody would be so brave or so foolish as to mix the two together? Turns out the answer is yes. Welcome to the world of coffee tea.

Yes, coffee tea.


So what exactly is it?

Simple. It’s traditional tea blended with the dried husk of the coffee cherry then infused in water. It sounds pretty exotic, and pretty tempting too; think Ethiopian coffee with a touch of Moroccan mint tea. But in fact, the concept of making tea from dried coffee cherries isn’t really new at all. Coffee-producing communities in Yemen have been making infusions from coffee cherries for centuries. The drink, called qishr in Arabic, is made from coffee husks, ginger and sometimes cinnamon too.

Fans of the modern-day version claim coffee tea produces a highly aromatic and distinctly syrupy drink which offers traces of brown sugar, apple, flowers and tobacco, depending on where the coffee was grown. All sounds very enticing, but will coffee tea ever be a success in the west? Some coffee commentators believe it’s destined for a breakthrough, but time (and tea drinkers) will tell.

One major stumbling block is the fact it’s hard to find in shops, even online. I doubt many of you have a sack of dried coffee husks at the back of your kitchen cupboard, but if you do, please give me a call. Pop the kettle on and we’ll get blending. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee tea.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash